Mid-Year Post

I am maintaining www.pasthadpassed.com since 2011,  and every time people asks me what my blog is all about, I answer them with confidence that it is all about lessons in I learned in everyday life. Ironically, I stopped  posting a blog since 2015. Not because I didn’t learn anymore, but I was hit by the reality of life (this is a bitter sweet reality I never wanted to admit) that not everyone will believe  in the things you believe in, they will secretly judge you for the things you believe whether you live what you preach, or everything is a just a lie.  I started losing my motivation  and I doubted my own self. But, I've also realized one thing, no matter what they tell you, it is what you see yourself that matters, it is what's your identity in Christ.

I know I'm working in progress. I'm the enthusiastic person I know and might doubt myself day after day, but I want to keep going. And keep writing.


Welcome back, Ganda!! Missed you!! ♥


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